Hello STeX community!
We would like to invite you all to participate in our ICO bounty program
For this bounty program, participants will be rewarded per their results, using a little bit of common sense and monster AI to process everything for us 🙂
To participate in the program, please submit your wallet address and referring URL (medium post, youtube video, article etc) as soon as possible so that we may begin calculating your earnings.

URL/wallet submission link: It is also important to register all additional URLs such as second videos or alternate traffic sources separately in order for them to attributed to you. If your traffic generation method is offline or difficult to track such as public speaking and evangelism, please get in touch.

Who are we looking for?
  • Youtube content creators
  • Community influencers
  • Writers
  • Website admins and content managers
  • Public speakers
  • Crypto-Evangelists

We are looking to invest 1% of the raised ICO funds into this bounty program - at a much larger scale than with the pre-ico bounty program. Last time our top contributor bought a house with his earnings, let's see if we can set someone up with their own private island this time.
Just fill in this form. Put in your Ethereum wallet address, url (page address) where you made a comment/post/video on YouTube. And chose the way you want us to pay you: ETH or STE based on token current price.

Warning!!! Spammers, bots, etc. are banned forever from STeX Awards!
URL(page address) with your video/comment/post about STeX project:
Your Ethereum address for bounty payouts:
I want
Bounty payouts both for the ICO will be made after the end of ICO.