ICO Stage 1

2 ETH per 1,000 STE

Enter you Ethereum address on our website and get a smart-contract address.

Send any ETH amount bigger than 0.1 ETH, which you are willing to change to STE at this price.

Your transaction will be processed and you will get STE immediately to your address.

In case the ICO Stage 1 hard cap of 5,000,000 has been reached, the ICO stage 1 can be closed at any moment without warning.

The ICO stage 1 is open till the December 10th or until further notice. If soft cap of 5,000,000 STE will be reached, ICO stage 1 may be closed without notice.

The remaining part of the STE tokens has to be distributed at the additional stages of the ICO right after the platform release in 2018.