2017-12-10 23:59:59 UTC

ICO stage 1 is over

Dear STeXers!

As the Ethereum network is experiencing a congestion due to CryptoKitties and many transactions are in pending status on the node of entry, we close the ICO stage 1 but leave the technical ability for late transactions to be executed at the same price of 2 ETH per 1,000 STE. We will be monitoring the network status and will turn off this option as soon as all pending transactions are mined or the network returns normal.

2017-11-24 08:00:00 UTC

Reissuing of STE

Dear STE holders!

We reissued the STE tokens because of the new smart contract functionality should be added and also to reissue the STE tokens for those who bought them from exchange's wallets by mistake and therefore lost it in the other exchange's system.

The whole process is fully automatic and nothing should be done by STE holders to receive their tokens. However, you should check your STE token balance using https://etherscan.io/ as shown on the illustration. The amount of old and new STE should be the same.

Please wait for a confirmation that all new STE tokens were transferred. There would be no risk of mixing with the old token because old STE token transfers will be locked forever.

2017-11-20 09:30:00 UTC

We launched the countdown

STeX ICO starts at UTC 00:00:01 25th November 2017