2018-02-07 10:00:00 UTC

A blockchain STE holders' vote has been launched

Under the request of a group of STE holders STeX project has been launched a blockchain-based vote to override projects initial rules, in part of the following:
"Additional stages of the STE ICO will take place if no more than 30,000,000 will be sold" and "If more than 30,000,000 STE will be distributed, the rest can be burned".
The current team's plan is described here: https://t.me/stex_news/24
In short, team is going to burn all unsold and undistributed tokens over the 30m and to sell the remaining later using STE-shop smart contract.
If you support the STE holders group proposal for:
"Stop any next rounds of the STE ICO, and distribute the unsold tokens remained to reach the 30M limit between all STE holders proportionally and finalize distribution, calculate founder's stakes and distribute them"
Please send a 0.000001 Ether with gas limit 300,000 and recommended by https://ethgasstation.info/ gas price (now it is 2 GWEI) to the voting smart contract
from each and every of your STE holding addresses.
Your vote will be weighted proportionally your STE share by issuing a equal amount of STE(poll) on the smart contract.
We recognize this vote as valid if more than 8,827,683 STE(poll) tokens will be issued (50% from current STE distributed supply).
STeX team does not vote in this poll and does not support the current proposal as we see or original plan more balances and more secure for the projects future and therefor for all STE token holders.
However, if the majority of the STE holders will support this proposal, the team will implement the changes described above within 3 days from passing the 8,827,683 STE(poll) tokens to be issued.
📆The vote will be closed 3 days before the STE ICO or upon reaching 50%.
Anyway, we will took in account the results of this vote as we always did for the community's feedback.

When you send an amount to the voting contract from your wallet, your amount of the STE on this wallet is checked and same amount is issued. You can check the current weighted voting result at this page: https://etherscan.io/token/0xc512DB2a8774D7923bfD625Aa590DD15c5EBf017

2018-02-05 20:00:00 UTC


As we saw about 5% of STE holders voted in telegram groups for the option of canceling the STE ICO and distributing the remaining tokens between existing STE token holders, we will prepare a blockchain based poll and will launch it within 48 hours. If 51% of STE tokens will be used to support this idea, we will start implementing it right after the level of 51% from all STE tokens will be exceeded. It will be announced additionally.

2018-02-05 20:00:00 UTC

STeX.UP has been improved!

In preparation for the Exchange launch, we are transforming the STeX.UP program to make it even more attractive for the partners, still fitting the same amount of funds as before. From now on our system is able to account for not only the partner who brings users to the system, but also an unlimited level of referring, rewarding not only end-user marketers, but also professionals who are able to increase the number of STeX partners. In other words, if you are unable to reach end-users, but can mention STeX.UP to someone who has a userbase, you will be rewarded up to 2% from the user's payment to the ICO's smart contracts.
No matter how long the referral chain is - we reserve and distribute 2% reward equally to all partners involved.
And the partner who has actually referred the end-user will receive 8%. Remember, this new user automatically becomes a partner and can promote STeX with his referral link, earning rewards to himself and to his referrer, and his referrer, and so on.
We have restored all the chains for all existing accounts and will make statistics available on your STeX.UP page very soon. Yes. Nothing is missing, from the beginning of presale all the chains have been restored!

Moreover, for most active partners willing to promote STeX on their website, we have created a super cool option of linking a third-party website to your STeX.UP account with the help of our support.
Imagine, we are able to account for ALL the traffic from your website, even if there are no referral links there at all. Of course, you cannot link google.com or Facebook, you will need to prove that you have control over website's source code by inserting a verification comment not visible to the ordinary users. After initial verification you can remove the code. To activate this feature, please contact our support info@stex.exchange with subject 'LINK DOMAIN 2 STEX.UP'.
No need to say how cool this new feature is - the fact that a website is involved in the referral program is untraceable. Users have no chance to detect the referral links because you have the ordinary links on your website.

2018-02-05 20:00:00 UTC

Dear STeX.UP partners!

We understand that our partners did tremendous work promoting the next stage of STE ICO and we do not want these efforts to be wasted. To solve the problem, and with non-zero probability of cancelation of the last stage of the STE ICO we will deploy a separate smart contract with Whitelist tokens, which gives an owner the right to receive STE tokens before the opening of the last stage of the ICO at the 1:1 ratio to the amount of the Whitelist tokens they are holding. If you have 100 whitelist tokens, you will get 100 STE tokens a day before the last STE ICO stage, no later than April 14, 2018.
All info about whitelist smart contract has been published on this page of our website
To get the address of the Whitelist you must enter your ethereum address on that page.
The address of the page will be shown to all STeX.UP partners on STeX.UP page.

2018-02-04 20:00:00 UTC


As we do not wish to make too dramatic changes in the schedule, we set the exact date of the last STE ICO stage as Sunday, April 15, 2018 00:01 UTC and the duration of the ICO will be at least 24 hours. However, because of the legal issues we will not promote this event on our website or any official communication channels, leaving it to the existing partners in the STeX.UP referral program.
The maximum supply will be limited to 30,000,000 STE tokens to be sold, including STE tokens, sold at presale and ICO Stage 1. The rest will be frozen on a separate ETH address till the end of the ICO, then transferred back to the STE ICO smart contract and burned.
In case of any amount of unsold tokens left at the end of the ICO within the limit of 30,000,000 STE, it will be transferred to the separate smart-contract known as STE-SHOP, to be distributed on demand at any moment in the future at a constantly growing price in Ethereum. Funds, collected to this smart contract in the future, will be used according to the intended use of funds described in the STE whitepaper. Besides, a presale bonus AND a 10% founder's share known as Andrew's share will be credited to the presaler's accounts on STeX exchange on a quarterly basis or, for those who will not create an approved account on STeX Exchange linked to their presale addresses, it will be sent to their original wallets within 1 month from the moment all available STE have been sold from the STE-SHOP.

Another option is to cancel the STE ICO completelly, but we have a waiting list, and there would be a problem with founder's shares as 30% was not distributed yet. Of course, we can put all remained STE into an STE shop right now but our calculations shows that burning the tokens is a best option to maximize long term STE holder's outcomes.

2018-02-04 19:00:00 UTC

A2A TOKEN description

A2A is token that will give you a chance to reduce your trading fees by up to 50% through paying commissions with it, and will increase your discount based on the amount of the commissions paid to the system and on the amount of time that you hold the token on your account. If you want a proof of concept - please have a look at BNB Binance token which has a similar structure and purpose.
To match cryptocurrency market growth, we also have a mechanism that balances the prices of A2A token. From every commission paid to STeX, 70% of A2A are sold on the open market and become STeX's income. The remaining 30% are transferred to the smart-contract known as A2A-SHOP to be sold from that contract at an increasing price. When the price of A2A goes down (and it will at some point, as it is a free market), the circulation supply will be reduced every day by the 30% from daily commissions paid to the exchange. Lower A2A prices will result in bigger absolute amounts of A2A transferred to the smart contract. In an extreme case, the demand for A2A, needed to be bought to process the ongoing transactions, can exceed the total circulation supply and the price will immediately rise to the level of the current sale price in the A2A-SHOP. This system gives us an assurance that any A2A dump will be simply a perfect trading opportunity, and the token itself might become a very attractive trading instrument.

We are going to make an airdrop for all STE token holders in amount of 10% from final supply of the A2A tokens so you can start trading on STeX without commissions.

We do not like the idea of any changes in our STE specs so it will stay with the same rights and functionality as before, no changes. We would like to put your attention to the fact that only STE token holders will be sharing the profits. A2A tokens will not affect the final amount of commissions received by the STE holders.

2018-02-04 18:00:00 UTC


Dear STeXers!

To meet the requirements and fit into regulations restricting security tokens to be promoted, we have come up with a solution to solve this problem. Instead of creating a liquidity pool in exchange for the STE tokens, we have decided to create liquidity by offering our internal token for public use. Originally, it was used as an intermediary in every trade on STeX using A2A technology. The problem is that you need a measurement system to evaluate all the tokens to create cross-rates, and we used an additional token for that purpose.
Furthermore, we have a promotional system to attract users and make their trading activities more profitable (especially, for active traders who may suffer from turnaround commissions).
By mixing these two concepts together, we have created a STEX utility token named A2A after the technology Any2Any we invented and use to support over 10,000 sross rates.
The main utility function of this token is to provide an easy to account tier system for commission discount for all users on the STeX exchange. Clearly, there are no passive income opportunities, no profit sharing in the new token, and, at the same time, it should be very attractive for the users to buy, use and hold in order to get extra discounts and unlock the professional features on STeX. Yes, we have professional tools in our system, and yes, they are consuming the resources, so, they will be available only for professional traders with a sufficient amount of commissions paid to the system.
There was also a problem with the STE price which became expensive in USD terms.
The new A2A tokens will have no connection with the STE and, therefore, we can set the affordable price at 0.0001 ETH per 1 A2A or so.
This utility token also allows us to make the deals with some ICO promo platforms and this process will start as soon as A2A whitepaper is ready.
We will revise the information on our website, social media and chatrooms, thus, it will be promoting the project per se and upcoming A2A ICO.

Good news is that the general marketing agreement with PR company was signed last week using this new concept and we expect to see results very soon. During this week our website will be updated and the first media coverage will appear right after that.

All details about A2A token will be published soon.

2017-11-24 08:00:00 UTC

Reissuing of STE

Dear STE holders!

We reissued the STE tokens because of the new smart contract functionality should be added and also to reissue the STE tokens for those who bought them from exchange's wallets by mistake and therefore lost it in the other exchange's system.

The whole process is fully automatic and nothing should be done by STE holders to receive their tokens. However, you should check your STE token balance using https://etherscan.io/ as shown on the illustration. The amount of old and new STE should be the same.

Please wait for a confirmation that all new STE tokens were transferred. There would be no risk of mixing with the old token because old STE token transfers will be locked forever.