Have you tried to switch between coins, following trends in emerging tokens?

That is the problem we focus on at this stage: many coins and tokens suffer from one biggest problem – the lack of liquidity. This leads to enormous implications for active traders/investors. Imagine, you have coin A and a nice opportunity to sell it with profit. And at the same time, you wish to invest in a new promising token or coin B. The only problem - they are traded (or have best rates) in different exchanges, and if you try to trade this idea, you must finish first trade, then transfer your assets from one exchange to another - wasting days and (the world is fast nowadays, remember?) finally missing the brilliant opportunity to raise money - and just because of market insufficiency.

With our unique HFT algorithms, originally developed to work on traditional stock exchanges, we can solve this problem, providing access to all trading possibilities from one trading platform, one trading account, in a blink of an eye.

And much more. We are going to bring advanced financial instruments like leverage, portfolio margin, futures and options to blockchain world - ready to use for everyone wishing to get most out of cryptocurrency trading.

Road Map


August, 2017

STEX Crowdfunding

What has been done by our team:

We already created a new concept of exchange system and basic market-making algorithms, which differentiate our project from any other one existing on the market. Key advantage of our system are HFT algorithms, able to provide more liquidity for a coin-to-coin exchange in one place than ever before. The result of that for an end user will be much narrower spreads between buy and sell offers, and the ability to trade much bigger amounts from a single trading account

September, 2017

Crowdfunding hard capped at 15,000 ETH

Crowdfunding reached the maximum limit of 15,000 ETH at 14h.15m. before the exipiration time, leaving many late participants behind. We create the architecture, internal protocols and kernel API's in two months.

October, 2017

Modules development

Separate modules of STeX system are developed. Improved Whitepaper is published and official explanation videos are released. All systems are revised and corrected according to advisers' and community's feedback.

November, 2017

Gateway MVP released

High speed API, internal algorithms and protocols are ready. We released and tested our Cold Wallet To Cold Wallet Instant Gateway - the most safest way to change one coin to another and store them: https://gateway.stex.exchange

December, 2017

Alpha Development

Within the next two months the system core with all the algorithms will be ready and tested under load. At this stage we also will invite users to test our trading terminal.

February, 2018

Front-end Production

First users are using STeX trader's interface.

March 27, 2018

Alpha Release

STeX exchange is online and open for new users.

Q2, 2018

Beta release

A user-friendly web-based client with highest level of security access control, taken from real-world trading terminals will provide instant access to biggest choice of coins and tokens with world-wide best bid & ask.

Key concept - you'll need just 1 account to get access to thousands of trading instruments, and the rest will be a fully automated system that takes care of all details. You can choose either a segregated storage under your full control and protection or a common account, giving you maximum flexibility and leverage.

Q3, 2018

Aditional trading and investment services, final release production


Behind our system lie years of experience in trading on world's largest stock exchanges and years in developing trading algorithms for private hedge-funds and brokers. This unique combination of understanding end-user needs and knowledge of how to build infrastructure able to deliver services to millions of users, with sophisticated HTF market-making algorithms ensures that project will be successful and at the same time very hard to copy, if someone wishes to compete.

Our advantages

Our clients will trust us with their most important transactions due to our ability to cut costs, provide better deals and minimise risk.

Years of experience

All our professionals have more than 10 years of experiences in a field of competence.

Strict confidentiality

All your private information will be kept in a secret. We will not even ask for it.

User friendly

We are traders as well, and do know exactly what people need out of such service.

High quality service

Because of our technology we will provide better rates and liquidity.


Fast & Smart. Best two words that can describe various solutions behind the scenes


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