To get Whitelist Contract Address confirm and fill your Ethereum wallet address:

How to get STE tokens using Whitelist?

Enter your Ethereum address in the form below and the address of our Whitelist Smart Contract will be shown. Transfer any amount of ETH bigger than 0.1 ETH to this address from YOUR OWN WALLET. If you will transfer funds using exchange's account, or any other service except your own wallet, your tokens will be lost because they will be sent to the same address we received ETH from immediately after, and Exchanges and services will not credit your account with this tokens.


It is very important to enter YOUR OWN wallet address from which you are going to buy STE tokens. Do not transfer funds from your Exchange account or any other service other than YOUR personal wallet or tokens will be lost!!!

Last Stage if STeX STE token ICO is scheduled to April 15, 2018.
ICO Price is 400 STE per 1 ETH. or 2.5 ETH per 1,000 STE Get a 6% discount when buying from April 1 to April 15 - 2.35 ETH per 1000 STE (WL)

Get a 6% discount when buying from Apr 1 to Apr 15 - 2.35 ETH per 1000 STE (WL)
Get a 12% discount when purchasing from Mar 1 to Mar 31 - 2.20 ETH for 1000 STE (WL)
Get a discount of 18% on purchasing from Feb 1 to Feb 28 - 2.05 ETH for 1000 STE (WL)

The maximum STE supply available by the whitelist is 10,000,000 STE.

Please find all the details about STE token at
You can subscribe to the STE tokens right now by using our Ethereum-based Whitelist Smart Contract, to get it's address please enter your Ethereum address you will be using to buy tokens.
Each STE(WL) (STE Whitelist) token will be converted to STE tokens with 1:1 ratio one day before the last STE ICO STAGE. In case Last Stage should be canceled by the decision of the majority of the STE holders voted via blockchain, STE(WL) tokens will be converted to STE at the settlement day, but not later than April 15, 2018.
STE(WL) tokens is only good for described conversion to the STE tokens which will be done automatically at the settlement date. You will receive the STE tokens to the same address you used to buy STE(WL) tokens.
Whitelist tokens available with discount prices, that will be increased both in time and with every token sold. The total maximum supply is expected to be less than 50,000,000 STE.