To get ICO Contract Address confirm and fill your Ethereum wallet address:

How to get STE tokens on the ICO?

Enter your Ethereum address in the form below and the address of our ICO Smart Contract will be shown. Transfer any amount of ETH bigger than 0.1 ETH to this address from YOUR OWN WALLET. If you will transfer funds using exchange's account, or any other service except your own wallet, your tokens will be lost because they will be sent to the same address we received ETH from immediately after, and Exchanges and services will not credit your account with this tokens.


It is very important to enter YOUR OWN wallet address from which you are going to send ETH and buy STE tokens. Do not transfer funds from your Exchange account or any other service other than YOUR personal wallet or tokens will be lost!!!

ICO price during first 24 hours is 400 STE per 1 ETH. or 2.5 ETH per 1,000 STE
From 12:00 GMT on April 16 till 18:00 GMT on April 23 the price will be 3 ETH per 1,000 STE
From 18:00 GMT on April 23 until the end the price will be 3.5 ETH per 1,000 STE

Last Stage of STeX STE token ICO will be closed on April 30, 2018 18:00 GMT.

The maximum STE supply available to for sale at this stage of ICO is 12,647,290.91565471 STE.