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Nicholas Prays

computer genius

Nicholas is a computer genius.
He is our insurance that this project will pass through any technical difficulties smoothly and with sufficient extra capacity to deal with growing load and high speed data streams.

36 years old. A founder of a renowned KeyCAPTCHA ( which was a candidate for buyout by Google, Nick worked as a technical director, architect and a team lead. Since its creation in October 2010 KeyCAPTCHA project has had 99.99% uptime up to the present. It has more than 40 million users a month and protects more than 20,000 sites from spammers around the globe. KeyCAPTCHA is being used by such well-known companies as TeamViewer, ESET, BinDB, Bethesda (publisher of Fallout, Doom, Elder games), SamMobile (one of the world's largest portals about smartphones).


Computer genius. Started programming when he was nine years old.

Programming Languages: C++ (GNU C, Watcom), C#, Assembler x86 (including x64, SSE, MMX), Python, PHP, JavaScript, Transact SQL, SQL, ECLiPSe Prolog, MQL (4,5), Delphi, HTML5, CSS3. Database management systems: MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Cassandra, LevelDB, CouchDB. Including working with large volumes of data. Web servers: Nginx, Apache. Virtualization: Microsoft Azure, VMWare, HYPER-V. Other skills: NoSQL, MapReduce, Django and other Python's frameworks, NodeJS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Blockchain, Neural Networks, Parallel computing, Big Data, Data Mining.

Large experience in cross-platform development applications for Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile applications for Android, iPhone

Has experience in the design and implementation of highly loaded systems (horizontal scaling, millions of users per day). Deep knowledge in the development of crypto-currency inter-exchange arbitration systems. Highly experienced in management of large databases (billions of records, hundreds of gigabytes).

From 2013 until present, Nick is working on lead generation service in VK social network (Electron(NodeJS) + Python(Django) + MySQL). As well as optimizing high load systems to work with databases having billions of entries in social graphs.

Ivan Mityaev

Compliance and Legal Department

Ivan is responsible for all financial background, including market-making activities, HFT algorithms, stress testing of trading systems, etc.

43 years old. CFO, Compliance and Legal Department, experience in crisis management, building successful startups and marketing. In the last 10 years Ivan developed many projects from websites network to vast variety of stock trading instruments for private companies, including backtesters, statistical analysis tools and so on. From 2008 until 2016 managed online retail distribution networks for various businesses. Ivan catches the gist on the fly, absolutely balanced emotionally, has the ability to focus on multiple tasks simultaneously and find non-standard solutions.

Expert: market-making activities, development of HFT algorithms, stress testing of trading systems, bias-free backtesting, practical knowledge of statistics, quantitative trading methods, profound technical analysis, deep understanding of market cycles, value and growth investor, algo-trader, php, c++ programmer.

Related skills: Investor relations, HR, public events

Although Ivan does not tend to be a public person, some of his webinars on statistical trading and practical use of genetic evolutionary algorithms in developing trading systems can be found on Youtube.


PR & Marketing director

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