STeX A2A tokens have limited maximum supply of no more than 500,000,000 and powers up our A2A technology, providing discounts and benefits to the STeX Exchange users.

A2A tokens are used as an intermediary in every trade on STeX using A2A technology. The additional utility function of this token is to provide an easy to account tier system for commission discount for all users on the STeX exchange.

Unlike some similar tokens (BNB for example) A2A tokens will never lose all their discount potential and will stay attractive for the users. The maximum 50% discount will always be available for the users matching special conditions to unlock higher discount rates, like amount and time of the A2A tokens being held, amount of daily and/or monthly commissions paid, etc.

Additionally, we expect A2A token to be seen as attractive short- and long term trading asset which will increase the demand as well.

50% discount for A2A token holders

A2A token will give users an opportunity to reduce their trading fees by up to 50% through paying commissions with it, and will increase user's discount based on the amount of the commissions paid to the system and on the amount of time that you hold the token on your account.