We designed our token in such a way that it could fully support the whole life cycle of our DAO. We have laid in the base of it the functionality to start and develop a successful investment platform for each of you.

STeX smart contracts known as STE tokens have limited supply of no more than 100,000,000 and represent a share in future commissions distribution.

We plan a monthly distribution of commissions from the company's activities excluding expenses, so that you can receive your reward on Monday every month, which makes Mondays for you a bit more lovely.

We plan to be completely transparent and publish a detailed report quarterly on our progress, income and expenses.

For the 1st time in the industry

100% commissions distribution

Our contract ensures the distribution of profits is made proportionally to the number of tokens you hold relative to their total supply. So, if you own 12% of our tokens, then you will receive 12% of the exchange profits.

Timeline of STE token

August-September, 2017

Hard-capped at 15000 ETH

November 25, 2017

1 STE token = 0.002 ETH

Price is 0.002 ETH for 1 STE token and stays at this level until the end of the ICO Stage 1.

Q1 2018

ICO ends distributing more than 30% of all tokens Last STE distribution price depends on demand volume

After ICO, if more than 30% of tokens is distributed, the rest is burned, and all distributed tokens become 70% of all existing tokens, increasing your share. If you own 10% of all tokens during ICO, after burning you can end up with something in between 10% and 23% of existing tokens. Please see Whitepaper for more details.

Q2 2018

ICO ends

STE coin becomes tradeable on exchanges and OTC.


Commissions distribution
All existing tokens will get all collected commissions.

Upon launch, 100% of commissions excluding expenses will be transfered to STE smart contract to be distributed equally between token holders.


All-stages advantages for token-holders

We designed this system to be attractive for a token holder in each stage of a life-cycle of the DAO:

ICO stage

The ICO stage is designed to reward early subscribers with more attractive token prices. The price of STE during the main ICO event will remain at 0.002 ETH per 1 STE token during the first stage of the ICO. The exact time for the commencement of the STeX ICO Stage 2 will be published on the STEX.EXCHANGE website closer to the Platform release date, and a countdown timer will be displayed on the home page.

We decided to implement this system in order to raise enough initial funds to bring this project to life at most attractive prices, and get the rest as an operational capital from those who are late. So, we reduce the possibility of failure of the project because of lack of funding on the development stage. Because token supply is limited and defined from the very beginning, we will be able to raise necessary operational funds on stage 3 if sufficient amount is not raised during the ICO stage. Otherwise, stage 3 will be cancelled.

For any ICO subscribers, even if you join at a later stage with relatively high prices, the main advantage will be growing demand on STE tokens from new STeX users (because of commissions rebate and distribution policy) combined with commissions distribution itself.

Post-ICO stage

We expect to get hold of at least 5% of currency-exchange market in the first year of operations and become one of 10 biggest cryptocurrency exchanges. Please see the Whitepaper and STE price calculator for details.

All token holders will be rewarded monthly, receiving 100% of project's collected commissions to their ETH accounts.

Apart from internal potential value of the project itself, there is an opportunity to sell STE token for much higher price in the open market because of high demand and price rise.